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Measuring Cup

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  • Sturdy & Graduated Resin Cups: Made of premium plastic, thick enough, sturdy and durable, reusable. Each mixing cup is graduated clearly and accurately, easy to read and help get preciseness, reduce waste.
  • Convenient Plastic Beakers: These epoxy mixing cups with beak shaped narrow pour spout, help pour nicely and precisely, leave no residue on outer wall when pouring. Great for pouring small amount of resin into small resin molds, make your resin casting work easier.
  • Multipurpose Plastic Cups: Perfect measuring cups for craft materials like epoxy, resin, paint, ink etc to make art crafts, also for other liquid materials in painting, cooking, cosmetic making, lab use.
  • Easy to Use, Clean, Store: Small size epoxy cups, easy to hold and use. Resin, epoxy can be wiped out easily with alcohol and a paper towel. Stackable, effectively save space, great for storage.